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One stop solution for your quality inspections
ACL has "ready to use" multi-disciplinary checklists. You can customise existing checklists or create new ones. ACL's very easy to use mobile application helps inspectors to perfom on-site paperless inspections. Use of ACL minimises recording errors and you can submit inspections instantly. All inspections are automatically backed up and comprehensive reports generated.
Key Features
Ready To Use
Attach Photos
A picture says a thousand words. Attach photos to checkpoints & checklists to show exactly what needs to be corrected.
Two Step Authorisation
ACL has two roles - Inspector and Authoriser. An inspection submitted by an Inspector must be authorised to be considered as complete.
Bulls Eye
Offline mode
Perform on-site inspections on remote locations without network connectivity. Submit the inspection once network is available.
I've reviewed ACL's quality application for Android and iOS and believe it will simplify your quality checks. Easy to use, with all your checklists available on your mobile device, which means no more missing checklists and no delays waiting for checklist to be completed and submitted.
Paul Netscher

Paul Netscher

Paul Netscher construction management consultant, trainer and author of 'Successful Construction Project Management: The Practical Guide' and 'Building a Successful Construction Company: The Practical Guide'.

Ready To Use
"Ready to Use" Checklists
Did your work get delayed because quality inspection checklists were not ready ? Try "Ready to Use" checklists from ACL's comprehensive library.
Go paperless for faster inspections
Paper Inspections slowing you down ? Go paperless with ACL. Faster inspections, consistency in responses and assurance that no checkpoint is missed.
Bulls Eye
Consistency and Accuracy
Confused with duplicate numbering ? Missing dates ? Multiple date formats ? ACL brings consistency and accuracy. Unqiue number for each inspection and automatic date capture.
No Stress
No more stress
Did you had sleepless nights when you lost a copy of Inspection Report ? No more stress. ACL has stored all reports securely.
Fast Track Ready
For your next Fast Track project start using ACL with it's extensive library of ready to use checklists.
Bulls Eye
ISO Compatible
ACL assists ISO 9001 certification process by fulfilling the requirements of documentation and supports management responsibilities.
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Benefits of ACL
Benefits of ACL
Find out how ACL can help you in your quality inspections.
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Find out how to use ACL.